New walls in no-time

Walls2Paint is a papered particle board intended for painting
  1. Install the panels
  2. Paint the panels in the colour of your choice
  3. Finished wall 

Walls2Paint has the same locking profile as Walls4You. The panels are easy to fit and can be painted in the colour of your choice. So, there's no need for plastering and finishing. Timesaving.

It is important that the panels are fitted to very well executed studwork. As mentioned, there is no need for plaster - avoiding dust caused by sanding. You therefore save time, whilst providing a better working environment by avoiding all the dust. The wall panels can also be used when renovating. Walls2Paint comes in lengths of 2.39m, 2.60m and 2,80m. The width is a standard 60cm and is 12mm thick.

Walls2Paint_maling av vegg
Walls2Paint ferdig malt i muskatnøtt