Forestia One-Step wall

- a foil covered wallpanel


Forestia One-Step Wall is a pre foil covered tongue and groove particle board with a v-joint. The panels can be used as a cladding material in all buildings where there is a requirement for a fire resistant surface in class In2.

The panels have been pre-treated on one side. In the event of poor climatic conditions this may lead to possible warping of the panels. To prevent this, c/c 80 cm transoms can be fitted.

Where heavy items / technical installations are to be secured to the wall, additional transoms should be used. Where double panel cladding is used, there is no need for transoms.

Forestia One-Step Wall can be fitted to both timber and steel studwork.

Areas of application: Dry areas (Climate class 1)

Forestia Ferdigvegg_dekor 16TF Hvit struktur