Wallpanels with pre-applied wallpaper

Wide selection of decors


High quality chipboard for walls with top quality stylish pre-applied wallpaper. We have a wide selection of wallpapers.

Walls4You is delivered in format 12x620x2390mm. It can also be delivered in lengths of 2,60m, but then it is a minimum order of 200 boards pr. decor.

Please be aware - Walls4You is not delivered with a repeat in pattern of design.

Mouldings for both internal/external corner can be delivered in following decors:
10432 winebox, 10442 winebox light grey, 40599 flow plain dark grey concrete, 14213 plain offwhite, 14238 metallic snow white, 14243 light textile, 14244 grey textile, 14240 driftwood and 10462 rustic oak.




40900 Valentine

41100 Bright wood

41000 Wooden stripe

40901 Golden square

10462 Rustic oak

Nice warm Brown colours in this decor.

14240 Driftwood

Light wood

10442 Winebox light grey

Our popular Winebox-decor

10432 Winebox

Rustic decor for a variety of contexts. How about a rough wall for a jeans store? Or as a wall in a rustic kitchen? Some feel this one is perfect for the reading corner or library. The options are limitless and the choice is Yours!

10452 Crusoe

Look at the colors in this wallpaper. Beautiful blend of black, blue and grey.

14232 Metallic plain black



14238 Metallic Snow white

14243 Light textile

Light textile

14244 Grey textile

 Grey textile


4150 Grey deco

Grey deco is classic. Gives you the opportunity to play with colours at your accessories instead of putting the colour on your wall. 

4147 White deco

White deco is classic. Gives you the opportunity to play with colours at your accessories instead of putting the colour on your wall.

14213 Plain offwhite

Timeless. Add colour to the accessoires.


14217 Narrow stripes offwhite/blue

Classic stripes and a beautiful blue color


14218 Narrow stripes offwhite/beige

Classic stripes, and a nice beige color.

14219 Plain light beige

Plain light beige 

14220 Offwhite for pearl

14220 Plain offwhite. 

40597 Flow plain light grey concrete

Flow plain light grey concrete

40599 Flow plain dark grey concrete

Flow plain dark grey concrete

40699 Flow stripes grey concrete

Flow stripes grey concrete

40593 Flow plain blue concrete


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