Forestia One-Step ceiling

A foil covered ceilingpanel


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Forestia One-Step ceiling is a foil-covered panel, profiled on all 4 sides with tongue and groove and v-joint, which comes in the following dimensions: 12x600x1200mm and 12x300x1200mm.

Forestia One-Step ceiling can be used in all rooms where there are no requirements for moisture-resistant materials. Forestia One-Step ceiling can be washed with any standard non-greasy detergent. The boards is suitable for the fitting of downlights.

There are 5 different decorative finishes to choose from:

  • Glazed Ash (only in format 12x300x1200mm)                                                    
  • 14 TF White Inspiration
  • 40TF White Silk
  • 02TF White Stucco
  • 45TF White Rustic

Areas of application: Dry areas, but can also be used in well ventilated domestic utility rooms and bathrooms (Climate class 1).